Fiber Art Goes Digital!

Fiber Art Goes Digital!

My latest pursuit is generating art with the help of a computer! My husband, David, is exploring the use of Adobe Photoshop software to manipulate photos; specifically, he is turning ordinary photos into abstract works of art that can be printed on fabric.

We have printed images on fabric before (back in my memory quilt phase), but now we are taking it in a much different direction. We printed the dark green fabric pieces in the quilt shown in the first two photos. The image is that of lily pads in a pond in Alaska that we saw last fall. The photo was cut into slices and reassembled (kaleidoscope-style) in Photoshop and then printed to give the abstract image shown.

We tried several fabric types and processes on our home printer, and we recently ordered a yard of our custom fabric from Spoonflower. That design started out as a picture of aspen trees that David rotated and layered eight times in Photoshop to get the interesting blend of colors and patterns you see in the last photo.

Expect to see more of our creations soon!

Lily Pond Escape

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