Fiber Art Goes Digital!

My latest pursuit is generating art with the help of a computer! My husband, David, is exploring the use of Adobe Photoshop software to manipulate photos; specifically, he is turning ordinary photos into abstract works of art that can be printed on fabric.

We have printed images on fabric before (back in my memory quilt phase), but now we are taking it in a much different direction. We printed the dark green fabric pieces in the quilt shown in the first two photos. The image is that of lily pads in a pond in Alaska that we saw last fall. The photo was cut into slices and reassembled (kaleidoscope-style) in Photoshop and then printed to give the abstract image shown.

We tried several fabric types and processes on our home printer, and we recently ordered a yard of our custom fabric from Spoonflower. That design started out as a picture of aspen trees that David rotated and layered eight times in Photoshop to get the interesting blend of colors and patterns you see in the last photo.

Expect to see more of our creations soon!

Lily Pond Escape

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Another River Festival Success!

I had a great time as a demonstration artist at the 2017 Smoky Hill River Festival! I demonstrated my Silk Fusion techniques this year, and I displayed (and sold!) a variety of my work. Most days were very windy, which makes handling fiber a real challenge; luckily, several enthusiastic helpers kept my materials from blowing away. 
They already have asked me to return for the 2018 River Festival (June 7-10, 2018)! All in all, this year’s Festival was a huge success for me, and I’m looking forward to next year!

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Coming Soon: The 2017 Smoky Hill River Festival!

I am excited to be a returning demonstration artist at the 2017 Smoky Hill River Festival!  As you may recall, I became a demonstrator at the 2016 Festival at the very last minute (literally, the day before the Festival began), due to another artists’s cancellation. While we succeeded in putting together a successful show last year, I know that I will approach this year’s Festival with much more confidence, after having several months to prepare.

Click these links to see the Smoky Hill River Festival website and to see the other artists demonstrating their skills.

I will be demonstrating my Silk Fusion techniques this year, and I plan to have a variety of my work on display and for sale. Please mark your calendars for June 9-11  and plan to Join me at the Smoky Hill River Festival! 


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Plein Air Event at Rolling Hills Zoo

gazebo-3The weather was perfect and the Rolling Hills Zoo was a beautiful place for an artist to spend Saturday during their recent Plein Air event. I was inspired, not only by the landscape but also by the sights and sounds of the many animals.

I packed up my sewing machine and my silk fusion supplies and began to make a silk mosaic fish quilt, inspired by the beautiful fish swimming in the pond literally at my feet. Many people stopped by to ask about my art, and I greatly enjoyed visiting and sharing.

I and all of the other participating artists will have several pieces of art (including the ones created on Saturday) on display in the zoo gallery.  An artist reception will be Sunday Oct. 2 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.;  I look forward to seeing the artwork done by the other talented artist participants!




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Silk Fusion Mosaics

The work of Tamara Leberer inspired me to use silk fusion to make a mosaic.  It has been a real treat to play with this idea; I love the way the silk shimmers and the one-inch squares – each different than the next – blend and merge together to produce these beautiful pieces.  I make the silk fusion using silk roving and  my-hand dyed silk “hankies.”  After the fusion is dry I iron on Misty Fuse, a sheer fusible web.  Then I cut the silk into 1-inch squares and began to place them.  I then layer the backing, batting and top and stitch around each square twice using a wiggly stitch line that gives it a natural tile look.

Fantasy 6
Fantasy 7Flamingo 1

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Silk Fusion Revisited

I learned to make silk fusion last year (remember Harriot?) I played with it a bit this year but felt little inspiration on using the technique — that is until I saw the work of Tamara Leberer!  I pulled out all my silk roving and headed to my studio to experiment.  So far, I have experimented with adding feathers to the silk fusion and I have started a mosaic-style quilt.  I am excited about the possibilities this beautiful technique provides.  In fact, silk fusion may become my featured demonstration at the River Festival in 2017, rather than the memory quilts I did this year.

Feather 2Silk Fusion drying in tree Feather 1

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Salina Country Club Gallery 2016

I am thrilled to be returning to the Salina Country Club gallery during the month of July! I’ve had many compliments on my work – some even before I had finished hanging the pieces in their gallery! I invite all of you to stop by and see my new creations that have not been exhibited before.

The Salina Country Club is located at 2101 E. Country Club Road in Salina.

Country Club 1

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Smoky Hill Museum Store

I am pleased to announce that the Smoky Hill Museum is selling my art in their gift shop!  Items included are buttons, headbands, and 5 x 7 matted fiber art pieces.  The 5 x 7 artwork includes Magic Melted sunflower and wheat, as well as some of my new “silk fusion with feathers” creations.  Check it out! (The Smoky Hill Museum is located at 211 W. Iron Ave. in Salina).

Museum items

Sunflower 1

buttons 1

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Smoky Hill River Festival, 2016!

What an honor and a thrill it was to be asked to be a demonstration artist at the Smoky Hill River Festival!  I had spoken earlier this year with Grace Peterson about my artwork being at the Festival in 2017, which would give me plenty of time to prepare.  To my total surprise I received an email from Grace the day before the Festival began telling me there had been a cancellation in the demonstration area — and asking me if I could fill in!  My husband and I scrambled to prepare for the event, and I must say we made a good team; we pulled off the show and had a wonderful time!

The best part is I have been invited back for River Festival 2017, and I will be prepared with more art, possibly a whole new demonstration, and a much improved booth and display area.  This time I have a whole year to prepare!

Thanks to all of you who stopped by to see my work and to view my demonstrations!
demonstrator 9 demonstrator 10demonstrator 6

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Memory Quilts

As I worked on the “cloth weaving” technique (see my earlier blog posting). I began to realize that this was the perfect way to show off Grandma’s old jewelry, hankies, tea towels, buttons, beads, etc.  No longer will those items be stuffed away in a box or closet; they can become a memory wall hanging collage that can be enjoyed every day!

I have been exploring dying fabric with tea and rust; printing old photos, recipes, and letters on fabric; and even doing grave rubbings on fabric.  I love these slow, meticulous, all hand-done techniques.  It’s such a contrast to our fast-paced world where we seem to demand instant results.

Watch for classes teaching this technique and even a monthly club meeting covering new techniques starting this fall!  I am excited about the possibilities!

Memory Quilt 1 Dove 1Dream 6Johann Siebert grave rubbing

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