Memory Quilts

I’m pleased to show you some of my memory quilt creations. Click on any of the photos to see more details. I encourage you to come back often to see what’s new!

Autumn Frost

The first frost that promises to bring an end to the summer heat and brings about fall color is always welcome. This artwork is all hand stitched; it includes a leaf rubbing and jewelry embellishments. This piece measures 16 x 16 inches.

Along Comes Spring

Renewal of life comes with the spring season. Flowers and birds remind us of this circle of life as a new season dawns. This piece measures 17 x 15 inches.

Yesterday's Finery

Fancy hankies and jewelry were important to the well-dressed lady of yesterday; this piece is a celebration of what has passed. I rusted a hankie, added old jewelry, and hand stitched the wall hanging. This piece measures 25.25 x 20.25 inches.

Patty's Gift

Old linens and buttons say "vintage" any day! I was gifted many buttons by my friend Patty and decided it was time to try out the idea of making a frame of buttons! This piece features my rust-dyed vintage linen, old jewelry; surrounded by an all-button frame. I did all the work by hand. This piece measures 16.5 x 16 inches.

The Best Gift

I created this “Kindness" quilt using my Memory Quilt techniques and filled it with tiny reminders of what kindness will bring to an individual. Giving away kindness is indeed the very best gift. This piece measures 36 x 30 inches.

Christmas Greetings

My husband scanned and printed on fabric this post card sent to his grandfather in 1910. I then embellished the piece with jewelry, buttons, beads, and Angelina. The piece was all done by hand. This piece measures 17 x 17 inches.

Easter Greetings

My husband scanned and printed on fabric this charming Easter post card that was sent to his grandfather in 1907. It is embellished with jewelry and beads. The piece was all hand done. This piece measures 27.5 x 18.5 inches.

Yesterday's Finery

This is another Memory Quilt stitched slowly and embellished with the jewelry that was my grandmother's and a fancy hankie from my mother-in-law. It reminds me of days gone by and the trappings women chose in the early 1900s. It reminds me that our finery has changed, but we as women still love to dress using beautiful things. This piece measures 25.25 x 20.25 inches.


This wallhanging takes me back to the time of my grandmothers who had no sewing machine and carefully stitched every tiny stitch by hand. This piece was made entirely from repurposed fabrics and all hand stitched in a primitive style, which I find therapeutic in this hectic, hurry-up world. The use of the word “Create” in the piece grew from my feelings and thoughts as I designed it and embellished it using slow stitching. This piece measures 30 x 26.5 inches.

All Mulberries

All Mulberries is constructed of mulberry-stained muslin. The leaf design was created by a rubbing of a mulberry leaf and further embellished with actual dried mulberries from our backyard. The piece measures 16.5 x 10 inches.


This art piece is made totally by hand and is designed to invoke contemplation of the importance of creating dreams for ourselves. Dream creation is a slow and thoughtful process, just as the construction of this wall hanging was slow and contemplative. This piece measures 37 x 36 inches.

Spring Joy

This intricately created three-panel piece is stitched together by hand. The birds are hand-drawn and painted with water colors and ink. It is embellished with glass beads and hand-made wool beads. This piece measures 25 x 11 inches.

Rust and Mulberries

This artwork was created with muslin stained by mulberries and rusty metal. It is embellished with antique buttons, a buckle, beads, and catalpa seed pods. This piece measures 11.5 x 11.5 inches.

Embrace What You Have

I used an eclectic collection of items to create Embrace What You Have. I embellished tea-stained muslin with seed pods and antique buttons that were in my mother\'s collection. This piece measures 16 x 11 inches.

My Watch

I used rust-stained muslin as a backdrop for the remains of my first watch that I purchased with my allowance money when I was 10 years old. I embellished the work with beads, buttons, rice paper, and hung it with a piece of sycamore bark. This piece measures 14 x 6.5 inches.


I hand-dyed fabric for this piece and explored 3D techniques. I was searching for new ways to use my hand-dyed fabric, hence the name of the piece, “Search.” This piece measures 18 x 20 inches.

Yellow Crested Java Bird

This crazy bird lives deep in the corporate jungles of the city and sips coffee all day as it tries to juggle the ongoing demands of the office. The top layer of this piece is constructed entirely from my own hand-dyed coffee filters and tea bags that I heavily free-motion quilted. This piece measures 35.75 x 18.5 inches.