Hand-Printed Fabric

I’m pleased to show you some of my hand-printed fabric creations! Click on any of the photos to see more details. I encourage you to come back often to see what’s new!

Albuquerque Trails

A hike through the rocky hills at the Petroglyphs National Park near Albuquerque inspired this piece. It is amazing to think that persons thousands of years ago had a desire to make art with the only primitive tools they had. It is apparent that the desire to illustrate thoughts by drawing and decorating is a natural inborn instinct for humans. This piece measures 32 x 23 inches.

Mockingbird's Joy Dance

I love watching the mockingbird couple return home to our yard each spring and summer. They sing their medley of songs and flutter their dance with such joy that they remind me to find joy in everyday things - just like they do! This piece measures 31.5 x 23.5 inches.


The birds' cheerful songs are a joy in the morning garden. I used my own linoleum-cut stamps to make this wall hanging, which celebrates the birds and the joy they bring us. This piece measures 27.75 x 14 inches.

Midnight Moon

I love the way the full moon silhouettes the trees at night; it gives the world a whole new look and feel. I continued my learning journey on this wall hanging by carving my own printing blocks and printing on fabric before quilting. This piece measures 10 x 17 inches.


Life is a transition from one state to another. In this piece I used my husband’s silk ties for the traditional apple core part of the wall hanging and then placed the pieces on an organic-like background. It illustrates the transition from the work world to retirement and the freedom it brings; it also reminds me of my transition from traditional-style quilting to the art quilting that I now enjoy. This piece measures 28 x 28 inches.